ThyssenKrupp Northern Elevator Corporation

One of the largest elevator suppliers in the world.

ThyssenKrupp Northern Elevator is a member of the ThyssenKrupp Worldwide group of companies, one of the largest elevator suppliers in the world. We manufacture and supply quality elevator products to both company owned and selected independent elevator contractors throughout North and South America.

A solid global network of elevator manufacturers and contractors combined with unsurpassed engineering and manufacturing flexibility and a strong commitment to quality keeps ThyssenKrupp Northern Elevator at the leading edge of the vertical transportation industry.

How much energy does an elevator use?

ThyssenKrupp Elevator is pleased to announce the release of its new Energy Calculator for elevator applications. This new tool provides annual estimated energy usage and costs for elevator technology both present and past, allowing users to model various elevator configurations based on building use and traffic patterns. By using the Energy Calculator you can quickly and easily view usage estimates for new elevator installations, as well as perform scenarios for the modernization of older elevator installations.